"How to Build the Perfect 100m Sprinter...From Start to Finish"

As you know, the 100 meter sprint is the Premier Event in track and field. And developing consistently fast 100 meter runners is a prerequisite for a successful sprints program.

The key to success is your ability to understand the event’s many technical elements, teach acceleration and maximum velocity and develop the specific strength and power qualities found in successful short sprinters from high school through the Olympic levels.

Unlike longer sprint events, little room for error exists once the gun goes off. Preparation for those crucial moments starts with your planning and execution before and during every practice.

Developing young sprinters requires a unique approach. One which differs from the progressions and volumes used by elite collegiate and professional coaches/athletes. Attempting to copy these highly advanced (and complicated) programs will lead to frustration, stagnation and injury.

For this reason we’ve created the ultimate 100 meter training program for coaches of youth, high school and sub-elite collegiate sprinters. For this class, we brought in Harvard University sprints/hurdles coach Marc Mangiacotti. In 2010, while at Division III Wheaton College, his sprinters won Division III National Championships in both the 4×100 meter relay and the 4×400 meter relay.

When you’re getting it done across the board at the DIII level, it shows you’re not just getting freaks and keeping them where they are. You’re doing work. Follow Coach Mangiacotti’s system and you’ll reap the rewards this season.

In case you’re not yet familiar with Marc Mangiacotti, here are a few highlights of his impressive coaching career:


  • marc 100 Meter Sprint Training with Track Sprints Coach Marc MangiacottiCoached eight NCAA National Champions, 53 All-Americans and 31 school record performances while at DIII Wheaton College
  • 2008 USTFCCCA Division III National and Regional Women’s Assistant Coach of the Year
  • USATF Level II Certified Coach in Sprints, Hurdles, Relays, Jumps and Combined Events
  • Spent three seasons as Assistant Cross Country and Track & Field Coach at the University of Houston under head coach Leroy Burrell, former world record holder in the 100 meter dash


In his ‘Complete 100 Meter Training’ Program, spanning over 2 hours and 30 minutes, Coach Mangiacotti breaks his program up into four easy-to-digest topics of discussion: Block Set Up & Clearance, Acceleration & Maximum Velocity, Workout Planning: The Triangle Training Method and Strength & Power Development.

As you take a look at a few highlights of this program, imagine the improvements just a handful of new ideas will bring to your athletes:

Complete 100 Meter Training Program Information

Let’s take a quick look at just a handful of the topics Coach Mangiacotti covers in each Video Session:


Session I: Block Set Up & Clearance

  • How to quickly establish the front leg in the blocks…for every athlete
  • 3 eye opening reasons to spend even more time working on the first 10 steps
  • An easy drill for showing athletes the difference between ‘quick’ and ‘powerful’ (quick = slow, powerful = fast)
  • Why the ‘Zero Step’ is the most important part of the 100m race…and how to perfect it
  • 10 drills (including video) athletes must master before coming out of blocks (blocks are a reward, not a gift)
  • And much, much more…


Session II: Acceleration & Maximum Velocity

  • 6 acceleration drills (with video) guaranteed to improve athletes’ drive phase
  • How to understand and teach the differences between acceleration and top speed mechanics
  • 5 types of acceleration workouts you must work into your training sessions
  • 9 Drills for teaching proper maximum velocity posture…addressing both upper and lower body
  • A fun (and highly effective) Race Modeling drill connecting the transition between acceleration and maximum velocity
  • And much, much more…


Session III: Workout Planning - The Triangle Training Method

  • In depth definitions for the 7 modalities of speed development…including sample workouts for each
  • The #1 rule for knowing when to introduce speed endurance workouts into training
  • Exactly why the old school philosophy ‘train slow early in the season, train fast late’ is a death sentence for your 100m runners
  • A step by step breakdown on how to implement ‘The Triangle Training Method’ (once you see this in full the light bulb will go off and you won’t look at program design the same ever again…)
  • How to structure your weekly workouts…even when you have multiple meets during the week
  • And much, much more


Session #4: Strength & Power Development

  • How to develop specific strength and power utilizing the weight room, multi jump and multi throw training routines…with sample
    exercises, progressions and programs
  • 4 types of weight room exercises, with descriptions and sample workouts, fundamental to every successful sprints program
  • Why general strength training and body weight circuits are critical…especially for developmental (high school and younger) sprinters
  • Why athletes must lift at 100% intensity every time they step in the weight room…
  • Secret to compatible and complementary training - why you must match what you do on the track to what you do in the weight room
  • And much, much more


Complete 100 Meter Training Bonus

At the end of the day, I know what you really want…

Workouts. Sample Plans. Progressions.

And we’ve got you covered.

In addition to the coaching videos described above, Coach Mangiacotti is giving you something you’ll agree is worth more than the cost of the program:

  • Full 19 Week Weight Training Program
  • Full 19 Week Track Workouts Plan
  • 8 Specific Warmups

All of these Bonus Materials are available immediately and are the exact workouts Coach Mangiacotti uses to develop his short sprinters.

The Weight Training Program and Tack Workouts line up precisely, so you can get a specific understanding of how Coach Mangiacotti progresses through an entire season.

You can use these progressions with your athletes knowing they work in the real world.

addtocart 100 Meter Sprint Training with Track Sprints Coach Marc Mangiacotti

What you do next is, of course, up to you. You can keep doing the same things you’ve been doing. And you will, no doubt, get the same results. But just like the Zero Step, if you don’t have the fundamentals down at the start, everything will deteriorate from that point.

When you consider the quality of information, the source and the impact it will have on your athletes, your coaching and your program, 99 dollars feels like a very fair investment. One that will see a return many times greater than what you’re committing today.


Complete 100 Meter Training

Order today for only $149  $99


addtocart 100 Meter Sprint Training with Track Sprints Coach Marc Mangiacotti

Please note: This is a digital educational course. Videos will be viewed online and coaches that register will have instant access to all materials.


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There are some coaches that have asked if they could have the program shipped to them directly, so they could have the program on DVD. We now offer the option. If this is you, and you want to get the entire program on DVD instead of the digital version, click here now.

Note: The DVD version does not give you lifetime Q&A access to Coach Mangiacotti. That benefit is available only to coaches who purchase the digital/streaming version.